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Welcome to Canada! Now it's time to get you settled. We’ll assist you in every possible aspect so you can adapt to your new country and lifestyle quickly and effectively, saving you time and money.
What does it include?
  • Pick up at the airport.
  • “I have arrived!“ survival manual
  • Location and arrangements for hotels with special rates.
  • Help and support for car rental.
  • Arrangement for a temporary mail address.
  • Introduction to the public transportation in the city, with an orientation tour.
  • Guided visits to:
    • Obtain Health card, ID and SIN card for the first time.
    • Supermarkets.
    • Opening a bank account.
    • Immigration Welcome Centres.
  • Enroll kids at schools.
  • How to obtain a Driver's license.
  • Help and location of Family doctors and how to enroll.**.
  • Help in searching for a family dentist.**.
  • Orientation in searching for the best insurance options.
  • Assistance and locating an accomodation (homestay, residence or apartment).
  • Assistance in purchasing your first car.
  • Help in moving pets.
  • Networking with families that have experienced similar situations when they first arrived.
  • Personal assistance upon your arrival.
  • Fast integration to the Canadian Culture and its way of life.
  • Savings up to $2,500 on average in your first month upon arrival.
We’ll assist you in every aspect possible so you can adapt to your new country
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